Thursday, September 17, 2015

Soap Challenge Club - The Clyde Slide

This is the third time I've participated in the Soap Challenge Club sponsored by Great Cakes Soapworks but only the first time I've posted about my experience in this blog.  I've been a fan of Clyde from 'Vibrant Soap' for quite awhile and was excited to try one of his techniques.  It seems that color always plays such an important part in the end result of any soap making effort.  I wanted to be sure that there would be contrasting colors in this project.

The colors I chose were merlot, coral, cappuccino brown, and teal green...all micas.   I only used a total of three colors, combining a small amount of brown with merlot to create a deep shade of rust. Once combined, I added the rust, coral and teal green into a base of white.  The teal green is more turquoise than I would have liked, but it still ended up being a nice contrast.

The soap batter was fluid (light trace) at pouring due to a non-accelerating fragrance, Rustic Woods & Rum from Bramble Berry. Using the funnel pour technique, I alternated coral and rust and poured teal only at the top of the bowl.  This variation of Amy's tutorial is one that was in one of the links to Clyde's youtube videos.  I had hoped for a little more 'feathering' than shows in the above photo. To finish, I swirled the top and waited 24 hours for the unmolding.

The cut bars show some pretty interesting swirls.  The 'feathering' is subtle and shows up in some unique places within the soap.  I like it!  This is a technique that I'll definitely try again.