Friday, August 23, 2013

On the Move

It seems especially true that change is one of those inescapable certainties of life. That's where we've found ourselves over these past several months. It has been quite awhile since I've had a chance to update my blog. Since February!  If I were to give a fast-forward version of life since then, it would go like this:  In December, the company my husband works for was sold and merged with another.  Working out of a new location increased commute time from one hour daily to four. Moving becomes an, moving becomes a necessity! And so, preparations began in March for a move from our foothills setting down into the valley.  First on the list was the unenviable task of sorting and sifting through years of accumulated stuff. Honestly, how much can one basement (and house) hold?? Maintenance projects outside, sprucing up inside...the list has gone on and on.  In the end, it has been an all out effort to get ready to list our house for sale. That happened earlier this summer and we are under contract with an expected moving date of mid-September. The housing market is brisk with limited inventory.  Even so, we have a purchase offer on a home that will coincide with the sale of this one.  I can't wait for life to regain a sense of routine and normalcy. That will certainly include making soap!  Currently, many of my soap supplies are packed away, patiently waiting to be put to good use.
I will really miss soap making here on Blackberry Ridge, but I'm certain that new adventures await! In the meantime, I'm purposely enjoying this lovely Pacific Northwest summer, tucking memories away and anticipating all that the future holds. I've come to the conclusion that change isn't just about endings but about beginnings, too.  Here's to new beginnings and the certainty that, even in the midst of change, God is indeed good and life is good, too!